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Rain forest timbers. Once giant tree’s have become highly polished timber tables. I’m guessing it is the base of the tree that was saved  long-after the original tree was cut down.

Factory is an art gallery for timber.

Taiwan is one giant tropical rain forest. In Australia we have ‘pockets’ tropical rain forest in North Queensland around the Cairns (it’s not ‘everywhere’ further north).

Highly polished and very heavy - single pieces of timber are now tables.

Highly polished and very heavy – single pieces of timber are now tables.



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Cherry blossoms are attracting many people to the gardens surrounding CKS Memorial Hall. Three varieties of cherry tree offer different shades on pink. I found them (with the kind help of staff) on the north and north-east side of the gardens.

Nearby are plum-tree blossoms which flower earlier and are almost finished.


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Does the Grey Nurse shark visit Green Island or Orchid Island.  Has anyone seen this species?  Easily identified by the twin dorsal fins of almost equal size and the needle-shaped teeth.

A nocturnal feeding shark it rests by day in gutters, usually about 20-30 meters deep.

If the shark can be found regularly in Taiwan,  a potential for scuba tourism with underwater photography could be encouraged.

These sharks are worth TENS of thousands more ALIVE  – than as seafood.


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This is The Solomon Islands where a gentle drift dive is possible at Uepi Island Resort.

We need to find something similar in Taiwan. Water depth less than 100 feet.  Visibility greater than 100 feet of horizontal vision.  Warm clear water.

Orchid Island probably has a good potential.  Green Island possibly.

We know there is an east coast current running south.  Offshore there is blue water.  Perhaps to the north of Taiwan there are good conditions – that is good visibility before the fresh water flowing down the mountains clouds vision with silt.

International underwater photographers are now keen to see blue water marine species.  Mako shark, giant tuna, dolphin.

Wealthy spear fishermen who seek big fish from blue and crystal clear ocean water.  These guys are prepared to drift on the surface in bottomless conditions offshore, in the hope of encountering a giant fish.

In Australia we began our adventure diving with the help of professional fishermen who were prepared to take us offshore.

Perhaps the same can be achieved in Taiwan?

Professional fishing boats willing to take capable and world-class free divers in a search for underwater adventure with big fish.

These divers would pay toward the boat charter and give their fish away, possibly for free.

Blue water free dive fishing does no harm to the coastal ecology.

Scuba divers on the other hand need different conditions as per the above picture of mine.  Pristine reef conditions are not going to be easy to find around the small island of Taiwan.  Perhaps the outlaying islands offer something?

This is the tourism of the future for Taiwan.  Eco scuba diving.


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Situated between Cairns and Port Douglas is Ellis Beach, where I took this picture one morning at ebb tide.  Does Taiwan have deadly jellyfish?  Australia does.  The box jellyfish commonly called The Sea Wasp (Chironex fleckeri) appears throughout northern Queensland during the summer months.  It’s a bad one.  Fortunately they stay close to the coast and are not normally found on the Great Barrier Reef.

Councils often have a container of vinegar on popular beaches ready for public use.  Vinegar is the best, fast treatment as it destroys the live jellyfish tentacles which may be still clinging to a victim’s skin.

Some people swim in Lycra suits.  A few councils have special enclosures as other protection.

Magazine pages from FATHOM No.1 an Australian marine magazine for divers.



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Tip #1 – select a day when the sky is clear

Tip #2.  Avoid the glass bottom version (every fourth cabin) if there is a long line waiting.  The gondola is too high above the rain forest canopy to see anything worthwhile below.

Tip #3 If the view is exceptional, chances are the food isn’t.  Near Maokong Station.

Tip #4 Go for a walk along ZhiNan Road.  There’s a regular bus if you need a ride.  Beautiful rain forest scenery far superior to anything available in the tropical north of Australia.  Highly under-rated by locals I fear.

Tip #5 Sample some tea but don’t expect same value as McDonald’s.

Tip#6  It can be cool, have a jacket handy.


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Testing  Sony TX9 today.

The lioness performed nicely on movie mode by playing with her mate – who was too sleepy to respond.  Fish is an Arowana in the Nocturnal exhibit.  He’s been there for years and is my favorite.

No hippopotamus’ in the Sydney zoo to the best of my knowledge, I’m not sure about rhinoceros.

Taipei zoo is smaller and in many respects more visitor friendly than the Sydney zoo.

No queues today for the panda exhibit.  Panda’s were separated and appeared more playful.

Lioness sees a foreigner with a camera!

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