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Directions from EXIT 7 to lunch lady and cinema.

Directions from EXIT 7 to lunch lady and cinema.

To get to the Ambassador Cinemas (at Changchun Road) I developed this  pattern.

Catch MRT train to Songjian Station, leave by Exit 7 and walk north in the busy main street.

If it’s lunchtime and a weekday, you will see the woman (in this video) selling her home-cooked food.  With sign language I learned she has been here every week day for five years with her home-cooked foods.  There was always a line of office workers waiting to buy.  Always a good sign.  There is a Seven Eleven shop a few meters away from her regular spot.  She displays what appears to be her mobile phone number.  Maybe that is a law?

Eventually I tried her food.  Chicken wings cut into small pieces on the spot, bamboo shoot, carrot, potato and other vegetables.  Pork and beef is probably available.  The chicken was cooked with a herb that reminded me of curry. To eat use a stick or skewer.

The Ambassador theatre is further north at the end of the street.  Turn right and look for McDonald’s ahead.

Walking around the block will show heaps of other small shops.  A bit of time can be enjoyed here.  It’s a good area for food and clothes.

DSC02168DSC02166Latest Hollywood movies are in ENGLISH with Chinese sub titles


THE WATER DIVINER – Australian movie

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Disclaimer: Russell Crowe has a rural property 50 km from where I live in Australia.  Mr.Crowe has helped his local community in many ways.  His first directed movie will be difficult to top – faultless apart from the end scene featuring a flowing creek or river near the top of a mountain. (Few will remember what we were taught in school, that water seeks the lowest points on the earth).  A terrific movie.  8.5/10

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