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Surgery and other treatments including acupuncture is available and is affordable. Most patients are from international embassies. An untapped opportunity exists for Australian travelers seeking world-standards providing extra care.

Americans, Canadians, British, French, German and Australians are VIP’s.  In fact all foreigners are VIP’s.  Many are from the embassies (aka trade offices) in Taipei.

The International Medical Service provides an English-speaking nurse-guide. At my request, ‘Sharon’ showed us the traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture clinic in a nearby building.

“The Veterans Memorial Hospital has 3000 patients daily and more than 30 operating theatres” said my guide Sharon, “it is always busy”.  With my appointed English-speaking guide, locating the various departments within the 19 floor building, was easy.

Choosing surgery in a foreign land where there is little English spoken is an adventure to be explained in my book “Foreigners are VIP’s in Taiwan”.

Worth noting, all three surgeons I met spoke fluent English.  Choosing to come to Taipei from Australia for medical help was a good decision.  I have a feeling that Taiwanese are more professional due to their  different lifestyle.  Nursing care had to be different too, I thought, as elderly people are treated with a respect that is no longer common in Australia and western countries.

“This hospital is known for treating many Taiwanese over the age of eighty”, said Sharon.

Meanwhile I’m contemplating eye surgery in Taipei at this hospital, even although such treatment would be free for me in Australia.



IN TAIPEI – DONGMEN MRT Exit 5 (YongKang Street)

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Brief look at the area popular with Japanese and Korean tourists.  Much more to see than what time permits here in winter 2017.

In summer the MANGO ICE store is a big attraction.  Sliced mango on snow ice.  The shop closed for a few years and has since reopened and made the entire area prosperous again.

VISITORS VIDEO 10-days exploring

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Three guys (visitors from China)  have ten days of nonstop takeout food eating.

They didn’t bother with main attractions (National Palace Museum, Liberty Square and CKS Memorial Hall) Also the night view from the summit of Taipei 101 building is not featured – maybe due to the high entry fee?

They also avoided Kaohsiung and Chi Chin Island and anything associated with seafood.

Sun Moon Lake and Alishan Mountain are shown.


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