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Surgery and other treatments including acupuncture is available and is affordable. Most patients are from international embassies. An untapped opportunity exists for Australian travelers seeking world-standards providing extra care.

Americans, Canadians, British, French, German and Australians are VIP’s.  In fact all foreigners are VIP’s.  Many are from the embassies (aka trade offices) in Taipei.

The International Medical Service provides an English-speaking nurse-guide. At my request, ‘Sharon’ showed us the traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture clinic in a nearby building.

“The Veterans Memorial Hospital has 3000 patients daily and more than 30 operating theatres” said my guide Sharon, “it is always busy”.  With my appointed English-speaking guide, locating the various departments within the 19 floor building, was easy.

Choosing surgery in a foreign land where there is little English spoken is an adventure to be explained in my book “Foreigners are VIP’s in Taiwan”.

Worth noting, all three surgeons I met spoke fluent English.  Choosing to come to Taipei from Australia for medical help was a good decision.  I have a feeling that Taiwanese are more professional due to their  different lifestyle.  Nursing care had to be different too, I thought, as elderly people are treated with a respect that is no longer common in Australia and western countries.

“This hospital is known for treating many Taiwanese over the age of eighty”, said Sharon.

Meanwhile I’m contemplating eye surgery in Taipei at this hospital, even although such treatment would be free for me in Australia.



Accommodation Taipei central

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Where to stay in Taipei for several days?  The northern side of Taipei Main Station along ChangAn West Road is a good start and has to be better than the tourist hotels on the southern side of Taipei Main Station.

Good value at 100% refurbished  Lan Ting Hotel near corner of ChangAn West Road and  Tai Yuan Road, English speaking reception,  24 hour door staff security.  NT$1800 to $3000 per room depending upon size.  About 60 rooms.

Close to three MRT stations – almost equal distances to all three from the hotel.  Zhongshan MRT (red line) and the new  Bieman MRT  are easy to negotiate while Taipei Main Station is confusing and a test of patience for newly arrived foreigners.




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Teen City – pop group tunes-up.

Seafood lunch at Teen City  (near McDonalds).



NEWSPAPER POLL – Best night market list

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Taipei Times 25 June 2015



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ChangAn East Road, Taipei.  October 2014.

ChangAn East Road, Taipei. October 2014.

Beware of grudges. Taipei Times story is warning for those who work outside the rules

CHEAP TAKE-AWAY – available everywhere

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Vegetarians can avoid the lumps of chicken.  Keep pack upright to avoid spillage.

Vegetarians can avoid the lumps of chicken. Keep pack upright to avoid spillage.

Family Mart has English description or names on their products.  This was not the case at Seven-Eleven  Small Taiwan (green label) beer and curried chicken and rice take away for less than AUD $3.60   I have had a few of these – nice taste.

HUAXI STREET (Longshan Temple area, Taipei)

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Not like the average corner store in Australia.

Not like the average corner store in Australia. View from Exit No.1 MRT at Longshan Temple station.

Note: Tourists should not venture down the narrow side streets in this area.  Women working there are quite aggressive with their sales tactics at present.

Best chicken and mushroom soup, NT $40

Best chicken and mushroom soup, NT $40

Toe nails clipped NT $200 (both feet).

Toe nails clipped NT $200 (both feet).

Hauxi Street arcade is within the night market area outside.

Huaxi Street arcade is within the night market area outside. PS Leave the Longshan Temple MRT via exit No.1

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