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Light rail to Taipei Zoo.  Automatic train without a driver.

Sogo Department store

U2 clothing store – not associated with the Irish band.

Pedestrian crossing lights – speed up when time is short.

Private (semi legal) clothing for sale stall common outside any major shop not open.

Main Station Area.  New skyscraper now fills the empty air space with more on their way.

McDonalds TV ad featuring a local pop star and some kind of diet claim.

Chinese Opera features young women, noisy musical instruments, and a story.

Bushy-tailed squirrel at Peace Park (National Taiwan University Hospital MRT station).

Small kitten.

Inside a temple – i.e. Longshan Temple – a relaxing an interesting experience.

Liberty Square and Memorial Hall in distance.  Tiles have been changed or replaced.

Wok and Night Market food cooking

221 Peace Park – many photographs on display in memory of ‘victims’. Please visit.

Taiwan President campaigning for a re entry seat to the United Nations (2007).



RADIO NATIONAL (Australia) – Bruce Jacobs

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Australian national radio. Link to this interview :

Australian national radio. (

“Saturday Extra” RADIO interview with Bruce Jacobs – direct link to  MP3






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ChangAn East Road, Taipei.  October 2014.

ChangAn East Road, Taipei. October 2014.

Beware of grudges. Taipei Times story is warning for those who work outside the rules


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Clever advertising - free mini pack of tissues.

A form of advertising – ‘Vote for this Taipei city official’  (circa) 2010

TAIPEI NEON (Zhongshan MRT area).

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“BEYOND BEAUTY” – Taiwan from Above (movie)

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Clever marketing ploy showing foreigners comments after seeing this magnificent new documentary that opened on November 1st 2013.

It does seem to be a super movie with an exceptional soundtrack.

Taipei Times  20 November 2013:


Aerial film stays on top

The documentary Beyond Beauty: Taiwan From Above (看見台灣) has maintained its box office momentum since opening on Nov. 1, earning more than NT$62 million to date, according to its distributor, Activator Marketing Co. The film, directed by Chi Po-lin (齊柏林), has made more than NT$30 million in Taipei alone, including NT$7.04 million this past weekend, Activator said. Beyond Beauty became the highest-grossing documentary in the nation’s box office history on Nov. 10, and has now emerged as the third best-selling Taiwanese-made film this year, trailing only gangster comedy David Loman (大尾鱸鰻) and comedy Zone Pro Site (總舖師). The documentary consists of aerial shots of Taiwan’s landscape, featuring the nation’s beautiful scenery and mountains, as well as pointing out the rivers and coastlines being destroyed by human activities and natural disasters.


‘Beyond Beauty’ still a hit

The documentary Beyond Beauty: Taiwan From Above (看見台灣) continued its surprisingly strong showing at the box office last week and could crack the list of top 10 box office hits of the year in the nation this week, distributor Activator Marketing Co said yesterday. The film grossed more than NT$25 million (US$843,600) in theaters around the country from Dec. 1 to Sunday, bringing its total gross to more than NT$140 million — NT$70 million in Taipei alone — since opening on Nov. 1, Activator Marketing said. Its single-day box office sales even topped the chart on Thursday last week, beating Hollywood adventure film The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Already the highest-grossing documentary in the nation’s history, the film should emerge as one of the country’s 10 highest-grossing films for this year this week, the distributor said. Its box office receipts have already exceeded those of superhero film Man of Steel, which hit theaters earlier this year, the distributor said.  (TaipeiTimes Dec 11, 2013)


‘Beyond Beauty’ wins award

The documentary Beyond Beauty — Taiwan From Above (看見台灣) has won a special jury award for creative excellence and a gold medal for cinematography at the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival. The documentary, directed by Chi Po-lin (齊柏林), won a Special Jury Award on Saturday as an independent theatrical feature, one of 10 film categories at the festival, which opened on April 4 and closed on Sunday. Panelists also recognized the film’s cinematography with a gold medal — the second-highest honor in a secondary category. Chi said at the award ceremony that he made the film hoping to introduce Taiwanese to the beauty of their own land and show them how development has damaged it. The award will help more people learn more about Taiwan, Chi said. Other award-winning works from Taiwan at the festival included Jam (果醬) by Liu Yueh-ming (劉岳銘), which won a Special Jury Award as an independent short. The Houston festival, now in its 47th year, drew 4,500 entries from 33 countries this year.

Taipei Times 15 April 2014

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Neon sign is  gone - replaced by LED

This neon sign has gone – replaced by LED lights – brighter yet the new design is lacking artistic aspects. 

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