CKS CADILLAC in Memorial Hall (Video)

This 1956 Cadillac is one of two Chiang vehicles within the huge memorial hall at Taipei.

A still photo on the wall partially shows WH Donald (behind CKS and wearing glasses) the Australian journalist who was a huge help to CKS and credited with saving the life of his wife Madame Soong.

With connection to newspapers and magazines in USA,  WH Donald was able to promote CKS to the world.  Time and LIFE magazines survive today with his articles on the Chiang (Republic of China) and Mao’s Chinese communists joint war effort against Japan.

TRIVIA: WH Donald would not eat Chinese food – which must have been interesting.  Upon his death Chiang gave him a state funeral  – how much of his grave would be left today after the Cultural Revolution?  Donald is therefore almost forgotten yet in his era was known as “Donald of China”.  (See Wikipedia link below which contains his some of interesting story).

Meanwhile in Taiwan the numerous statues of the former dictator are regularly vandalized by students with many already removed and in storage. The name of CKS Memorial Hall may be changed before long, the big question is  what will become of the huge bronze statue of Chiang inside the upper hall where there is a changing of the guard every one hour watched by hundreds of tourists?

Years ago I could not help comparing CKS Memorial Hall with Gracelands in Memphis USA where there should also be a couple of Cadillacs from the same era.

Donald of China (Wikipedia)


Author: fathomTaiwan

Former professional underwater photographer. Began visiting Taipei in 2002 then twice each year to the present time. "I like the older, west side of the city Da Dao Cheng which begins at Taipei Main Station - north side - runs west towards the river includes Dihua Street with all the shark fins and cans of abalone.. Another old area with lots of culture is Longshan Temple and Hauxi night market area for fresh juices and chicken and mushroom soup. The streets of Taipei are safe at night. Better and more interesting than in rural Australia. I enjoy buying quality products Made in Taiwan. More could be exported to Australia which is flooded with China goods due to our uneven balance of trade with China. is my marine blog. Another is Atolls hosted by Blogspot.

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