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At Kaohsiung Main Station catch bus 248  Have correct change for fare NT$12.   Bus is more convenient than MRT but if you must catch a train it will be to MRT station O1  (the first, or last station on the ORANGE line).

Entrance to the ferry which runs every few minutes between the mainland and the island.  Scooters use the lower deck.  Passengers upstairs.  There are two ferries running a shuttle service back and forth.  It’s a short journey over calm waters.

Arriving at Cijin. (There are a few variations on the spelling of this island’s name). Rent a bike from the shop in front of the ferry station,  pictured here. NT$100 for all day (until 7pm).

Leave a drivers license and your local mobile phone number as an ID.

You are now set to explore the island.  The bike shop will provide a map.

Re lunch or dinner.  There are plenty of seafood shops in the main street but the best is a few kilometers down the ‘beach front’.

It’s the best value seafood in Taiwan that we know of.

How to find this no-frills ‘restaurant’ will be described separately plus other worthwhile stops.

October was still a bit hot in the sun.  Dress according to the weather.

For the return trip to Kaohsiung Main Station you’ll go to the same bus stop where you alighted earlier that day, 50 meters from the ferry entrance (not shown here but to the left of the picture).

Follow these simple instructions.  Even if you don’t speak one word of the local languages, you’ll get by.


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