LINDA GAIL ARRIGO – author “A Borrowed Voice”

January 23, 2010 § 1 Comment

Linda in Taipei


We have a copy of Linda’s book in Australia and frequently read sections.  It has helped us grasp the recent history of Taiwan and some of the brave efforts young Americans made in the martial law era to alert the world as to what was happening secretly in Taiwan.

Modern Taiwan owes much to these people.   The  struggle continues as book distributors are unwilling to handle the recently published collection of short stories by various authors.

Ex-pats will particularly gain a better understanding of Taiwan from the recorded events of the past.

The cover illustration shows an artist’s impression of the former political prison on Green Island.

More recently Linda Gail Arrigo has been involved with the anti-nuclear power campaign.  Taiwan is to decommission all nuclear power stations – three in operation and a fourth mothballed.

Earth below a former nuclear power station remains contaminated for 200 to 300 years. Nothing can be built on it.  An important argument in tiny Taiwan where space is scarce.

Linda’s book (2008) now in short supply. Cover: The prison on Green Island.

Green Island political prison now a museum. (2003).

Courtesy:  Central News Agency.




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